August Gaukstad



- A magazine about Japanophilia

Japanophilia is the heavy obsession with everything Japan; it's culture, language, society and so on.

I studied a lot of Japanese design for my magazine. I also fell into almost all the super cliché design tropes on the way.

The design is bottom heavy with a strict minimalist design. Since they don't have italics in Japanese, I used colour for quotes and emphasized words.

The typefaces used are monospaced, since Japanese text inherently is monospaced itself.

To break up the monotomy of the strict minimalist design of the content in the magazine, I designed some very maximalist and chaotic "break-pages". These are full of colour, images and big text in Japanese that I no longer remember what is in English.

The idea for these pages comes from Japanese culture, and how extreme it can be. On the one hand they are very devoted to working professionally (strict content pages), and on the other they go all out once they do go out for drinks/parties etc. (chaotic breaks).

Another inspiration from Japanese design and typography is the way they orient and align their text.

Some articles are made entirely vertical so it looks more "Japanese" when you first open the page.