August Gaukstad


New topographic

- A online collaborative museum for New Topographics photography

New Topograhics is a photography movement which has its name from a exhibition curated by William Jenkins at the International Museum of Photography in New York City in 1975.

The exhibition, named "New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape", featured landscape photography where the main subject of the photos were man-made scenery.

The frontpage (Reception) features sample photographs from exhibitions that move around the page in their own independent fashion.

This was an idea I got when attending AGI Open 2019 in Rotterdam, when a South korean illustrator talked about cities being very organic in a way, with a lot of small moving parts moving around all the time (cars, humans, trains and so on).

The exhibitions are based on cities around the world. The museum takes submissions from anyone, so more exhibits might open up in the future.

These also move around the screen a bit, but not at the same intensity as the sample photographs from the Reception, so they should be easily clickable for visitors.

The labels use hollow text set on rectangles with a slanted edge that resemble a design-element used in the museum's logo.

The logo is designed to communicate a duality often seen in New Topographics photography; the duality and contrast between organic natural landscapes and urban man-made ones.

I want as many photograpghs as possible on the museum to also feature a Google Streetview-link to the location where the photograph is taken from. This adds another layer to the exhibitions, allowing users to explore the world and the locations in the photographs in a new way.

Unfortunately not all the contributors remember where their photos are taken, as some have been taken long times ago, or on analogue cameras without geotagging.

There is a fun Streetview link in the Rotterdam exhibition where the photograph is of a building that didn't exist yet when Google took their Streetview photos in that area. ;-)


Opening hours: 24/7 - 365