August Gaukstad



- Visual identity for a fictional country focused on music

Soundscape is a fictional country I made up during a course at Westerdals Oslo ACT. The course tasked us with designing and conceptualizing a visual identity for a country - be it real or fictional.

I came up with Soundscape, a land focused on music. The visual profile is made up almost entirely of typography, and has a rather rough and gritty feel.

The passport features bold and big typography, the country's logo front and center on the cover with the word "PASSPORT." instead of the more often used "SOUNDSCAPE." inside the logo itself.

On these Visa-pages, some other countries from the same course have placed their own Visa-stamps in the passport.

The banknotes feature lyrics from the founding band, Modest Mouse, and typographic depictions of the evolution of musical consumption devices on the opposite side.

Since musicians often work with the duodecial system (12's), the currency follows suit. The main currency is Major, and one Major equals 96 Minor.

Pictograms are common in visual profiles, and Soundscape has a few of its own. These are used to visually communicate different genres, places to grab a bite or a drink, concert tickets or areas to charge your phone at venues or similar areas.

These pictograms are also designed in a similar way to all the other elements in Soundscapes visual profile - musical imagery made out of text. The text used to illustrate the objects is gathered from articles about the objects they depict.